“The brand’s name Five Lines comes from my surname ‘Limerick’ which is a rhyme that consists of five lines.

The reason I chose the name is, I always knew I was going to put so much of myself and my own values into the brand that I wanted a name that didn’t only represent a company, though to also represent me and I knew it would drive me even harder to create a company and brand that I’m really proud of.”




Founder and CEO Chris ‘Limo’ Limerick while growing up had close friends in the Surf, Skate and Streetwear scenes which frustratingly had him needing to know who he was heading out with and where to before choosing what to wear just to “fit in” and feel accepted.

Fast-forward to today, now having friends in an even wider variety of subcultures further including Snowboarding, Sneakers & Fashion, Art & Café, Architecture & Music, from the Corporate-World to custom Motorbike & Hot-rod building. It’s these friendships that enabled an understanding that our busy lifestyles have us constantly hanging out with different people, in different places, often in the same day and yet there still isn’t a brand that can be worn and is accepted across all these subcultures.

Armed with an inspired mind, an eye for creativity and some business know-how, Chris created Five Lines Customs to be a universally accepted Lifestyle Brand that befits everyone’s lifestyles through versatile designs and high-end fabrics which look as accepted in the Streets as they do at the Beach, in Boutiques, Cafe's, Skate Shops & at Festivals. Five Lines is all about blurring the traditional lines between subcultures providing seamless transition from wherever you are to wherever you’re heading and ensuring you’ll never look or feel out of place.










1. Customer Driven - We listen to the wants and needs of our customers and always over deliver on quality and service.


Five Lines Customs

2. Product Driven - We design and manufacture only premium quality products and accessories to suit multi-lifestyled individuals.



Ethical Manufacturing

3. Ethical Manufacturing - We care for the people who make our products and ensure their working conditions and financial income are well above standard.



Organic Cotton

4. Sustainability - We’ve only got one world and we don’t want to ruin it, not for us, not for future generations. We’re striving to minimise environmental impact and we always will.




5. Innovate and Continuously Improve - We pave the way and set the trends. Every release will be better than the last.