Hitting you in the FeeLs

As our brand continues to grow, we’ve become more aware of the impact clothing manufacturing can have on both humans and our environment if not managed well.
We understand we not only need to ensure fair working conditions for our workers, we must also cultivate eco-friendly practices too, after all we don’t want to say we’re “environmentally friendly” while compromising our employees’ health and safety and we also don’t want to promote great working conditions while making products that destroy our amazing planet.
Ethical and Sustainable practices co-exist, they hold way more power together and we know that for us to be a truly Ethical brand we also must be Sustainable and vice versa.
Here at Five Lines, we feel responsible to ensure we leave a positive impact on the world. Are we perfect, no, are we continuously improving our methods and work practices to shape a better world, you bet!!
It’s not just us that can make a difference though, it’s you, our customers, our ambassadors, our collective. By choosing to support brands who are genuinely doing good things, it means you too are having a positive impact on the lives of mothers, fathers and children as well as the animals, plants and the eco-systems of our incredible world.
It’s all about doing good things and feeling good about it. Hence our FeeLs Good Initiative.
Below are some of the things we’re currently doing as well as things we’re improving on. We’re committed to making a wholehearted, conscious effort to improve our social and environmental impact on our world and everything within it.

What we’re currently doing

Manufacturing our T-shirts & Sleeveless T-shirts using 100% Organic (GOTS certified) Cotton.

Our GOTS certified Organic Cotton excludes the use of toxic chemicals which in turn improves soil health and biodiversity. It’s production lifecycle (i.e growing, harvesting & milling) also meets a slew of environmental impact criteria and at the same time ensures ethical working conditions are met. Not to mention, organic cotton is also softer and stronger than regular cotton.


Manufacturing in Ethical factories.

We ensure ALL our workers are well looked after, both their working conditions and financial income are very much above standard. It’s important that our teams leave work in the same condition, if not better condition than they arrived in and at the end of the day they’re able to spend quality time with their families while financially supporting their healthy lifestyles the same way we love to.


 Utilising 100% Recycled Paper Carry Bags.

Why cut down trees when we don’t have to? Whenever we have pop-up shops, market stalls or general-public sales we hand our clothing out in 100% recycled paper carry bags eliminating non-biodegradable plastic bag usage and at the same time protecting our forests from unnecessary logging. It’s these small changes that can have such a large impact.


Using OEKO-Tex Certified & Water-based Screen Printing Inks & Garment Dyes.

Utilising certified inks and dyes ensure there are no harmful chemicals and toxins used in the dying and printing processes which by keeping our waterways cleaner is environmentally beneficial, it’s also safe for our workers to use and of course safe for you to wear.


Ensuring all Products are made with longevity in mind.

All clothes we make are purposely designed and created using only the best quality materials ensuring your clothing items will last much longer than some of the cheap and nasty ones you can buy else wear. This of course isn’t only great for your back pocket in the long run, it also reduces the number of clothes which unnecessarily end up in landfill due to them falling apart from poor fabrics and manufacturing quality then thrown in the trash.


What we’re improving on

Removing all single use plastics from our operations (2024)

Non-biodegradable, single use plastics are an unnecessary part of the manufacturing & shipping process so we’re looking at ways to eliminate this from our entire operation.


Manufacturing all cotton-based products using only Organic Cottons (2022)

Reducing Carbon Emissions, Herbicides, Pesticides, Slave Labour, Child Labour etc. is something that we want to be a bigger part of and can be achieved simply by selecting the correct fabrics.


Using Recycled Polyester for manufacturing of all garments requiring polyester (2022)

Knowing that Recycled Polyester uses ghost fishing nets, discarded plastic bottles, industrial polyester scraps, used polyester clothing & other pre & post-consumer waste that is found in our oceans and landfill is a no-brainer. We want to do all we can to make the best quality clothing AND have a positive impact on the environment too.